9-10-11 November 2018 at WORM, Rotterdam

FIELD RECORDINGS is a three-day event with screenings, talks, listening sessions and an installation at WORM Rotterdam. Starting point is the work by multidisciplinary artist Joshua Bonnetta, who will present a new installation and several of his films and audio pieces in person.


Tracing the acute relationship between humans and landscapes, FIELD RECORDINGS explores the tenor of contemporary landscape films and anthropological cinema – including works by Laida Lertxundi, Chick Strand, Deborah Stratman, Nina de Vroome, Salomé Lamas, Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez.

Landscapes undergo our gaze, as much as they look back. In the works featured in this multimedia event, this affective relationship between humans and landscapes draws closer and draws away. Specifically, FIELD RECORDINGS probes and unpacks the sonic interventions and cinematic silences present in these films and art works.

The program outlines how human bodies are inscribed upon landscapes, and vice versa: from the earthly exchange between history and presence in Stratman’s Optimism (2018) to an unparalleled reading of the desert in Bonnetta and Sniadecki’s El Mar La Mar (2018). What these works have in common is that they embrace the complexities of the world we inhabit by reconfiguring anthropological methods: Lamas’s Eldorado XXI uses duration as a means to identify with the protagonists on a physical level, whereas Lertxundi’s 025 Sunset Red adopts auto-biographical modes of working to approximate The Basque Country and California.

FIELD RECORDINGS includes conversations and Q&As with Joshua Bonnetta, Hannah Paveck, Kaya Erdinç and Nina De Vroome. The program is curated and organized by Tim Leyendekker and Sander Hölsgens.

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