Brazil/the Netherlands, 2015
black + white, 16mm + DCP, 3:4
14:00 min, no dialogue

BLINDER consists of 6386 photographs representing all the objects and characters featured in the English translation of José  Saramago’s 1995 novel Ensaio sobre a Cegueira. In conceptual parallel with these images, the film’s soundtrack is comprised of 6386 audio samples extracted from Blindness, Fernando Meirelles’s 2008 feature film based upon Saramago’s novel.

distribution: EYE Filmbank NL


 the Netherlands, 2010
colour, 35mm + DCP, 16:9
10:00 min, dutch, english subtitles

the Healers is a deconstructed reconstruction of a memory set in Rotterdam’s mid-1990s nightlife. The party scene is presented in a triptych: the thrills of the night, the location, the date.
Layers that normally form a cinematographic entity by merging together are stripped bare and served separately. Eventually the pre-process of making the film becomes the film itself.

distribution: EYE Filmbank NL + Light Cone FR


the Netherlands, 2009
colour, S16mm to 35mm, 16:9
6:00 min, no dialogue

 And a voice said:
 "Hope comes in many forms,
  but for tonight, you're on your own."
 distribution: EYE Filmbank NL + Light Cone FR