Program by Kaya Erdinç

While much emphasis has been placed on the visual iconography of love, with the exception of music very little attention has been given to love as an aural, spoken phenomenon since the tradition and practice of amour courtois. In ‘Love Sounds’ Masha Tupitsyn researches the English speaking history of the talkies to meticulously unravel its relation to the politics of love.

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Since cinema is the so-called ultimate pervert art, there will always be a lack of films that are capable of living up to the expectations set by such an eccentric act of categorization. In Love Sounds, Tupitsyn grants us the luxurious possibillity of feeling with and against this Žižekian polemic, spreading out cinema's muddy terrain of the senses. In these four hours, we are freed of the image and how it usually represses our performative urges while sitting in the movie theatre. Relieved of tactile imagery, and filled with lavish stories from the English speaking history of the talkies, we are invited to contemplate how others listen in darkness, as we ourselves turn into ghostlike shadows with augmented hearing but deprived of sight.

You can download a beautiful little book about the project here.


wednesday 15 November
doors open: 19.15
start program: 19.30
pre sale tickets: WORM
address: Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam