In Nicholas Roeg’s directorial solo debut from 1971, a teenage girl and her younger brother are left alone during a day trip to the Australian outback, when their father goes berserk and kills himself. During their quest to find a way out of the dry wilderness, they meet an Aborigine boy who is undergoing a walkabout, a tradition in which teenage boys must survive on their own in the wilderness as a rite of passage. As they continue their journey together it becomes apparent that some cultural differences just can’t be bridged.

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Walkabout is preceded by the short film Dear Lorde by Emily Vey Duke + Cooper Battersby. In it, we follow Maxine Rose, a fourteen your old artist who wonders about her identity and about how to make her work visible to the world. She addresses her questions in movingly crystalline letters to people she admires, such as primatologist Jane Goodall, Bishop Desmond Tutu, comedian Louis C.K. and pop star Lorde.

Wednesday 18 October 2017
doors open: 8.15 PM
program + tickets: WORM
address: Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam