Dream or nightmare, David Lynch’ feature debut never really left our collective subconscious.

ERASERHEAD (1977) follows a short period of the life of Henry Spencer (Jack Nance), a printer on vacation. Henry discovers that his estranged girlfriend, Mary X (Charlotte Stewart), has given birth to a bizarrely deformed baby. He marries her, and, after a tumultuous and brief time living together, Mary leaves Henry who then cares for the ill baby himself.

What follows is not really possible to describe. That's because ERASERHEAD (1977) doesn't seem to be narrated through a written plot (the script was only 20 pages long) but through its sounds and images, which fluently transmit a stream of fears and desires, as if the camera and microphone were plugged straight into the artist’s subterranean brain- but with better lighting.

The screening of ERASERHEAD will be preceded by the Dutch premiere of SPECIAL FEATURES by Brooklyn based James N. Kienitz Wilkins. The 12-minute short seems to give us an eerie behind-the-scenes look at staged storytelling, becoming a staged story in itself. The film premiered at CHP-DOX in Copenhagen and won the Grand Prix at 25fps Experimental Film and Video Film Festival in Zagreb.


Wednesday 23 March 8.15 PM
tickets: WORM