AWL_008 // 88:88

by Isiah Medina                                                                     
Canada / 2015 / 65min / DV / English

You cannot pay your bill. – . Your heat and lights are cut off. -. You pay. The clocks initially flash 88:88, –:–. You set the clocks. You cannot pay. -. You pay. 88:88. –:–. Repeat. 88:88, –:–. Cut. -. You stop setting your clock to the time of the world. 88:88, –:– . Subtracted: – : you make do with suspension. 88:88, –:–, -.

88:88 is a multilayered, affectively disruptive experimental feature debut about the staticness of poverty, the fluidity of friendship and finding new ways of seeing things.  The film was extremely well received by young filmmakers worldwide, as they recognized a voice that only spoke in whispers before. With an introduction by film activist Kaya Erdinç.

88:88 is preceded by

CHRIST MASS SEX DANCE by Stan Brakhage  
US / 1991 / 16 mm / 6min / no dialogue

One of the few Brakhage films with a soundtrack, composed of six superimposed reels of images and the electronic sound piece 'Blue Suede' by James Tenney, sampling Elvis' semi eponymous hip shaker.

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