A selection of short films about growing up, celebrating resilient force, disruptive energies and the ongoing power of the détournement.

Memorias sin Batallas y Otros Muertos
by Nathalie Alonso Casale
16mm/ NL/ 1992/ 22 min.

In this short documentary we follow director Alonso Casale in the town of Aragon on her demythologising quest for the truth about the Spanish Civil War. The black-and-white film is a surrealist reconstruction of what her grandfather, who was executed by a firing squad at the time, went through.

The Thought Leader
by Liz Magic Laser
HD video/ USA/ 2015/ 9 min.

For The Thought Leader, Laser used the format of the increasingly popular TED Talk. She directed 10-year-old actor, Alex Ammerman, to deliver a monologue she adapted from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground (1864) - Courtesy of Wilfried Lentz

She’s All That
by Lisa Gliederpuppe
DV/ NL/ 2015/ 5.30 min.

She's All That is a video work containing 210 stills and moving images of and by Paris Hilton, collected from different online sources. The sound accompanying the slideshow is a live recording of the poem Fast Speaking Woman read by the author Anne Waldman. Each line of the poem is paired with an image. Together they survey the diverse physiognomy of Paris Hilton as a female icon.

We Will Go Far
by Laure Prouvost
HD video/ UK/  2015/ 9 min.

Laure Prouvost structures her work as independent stories that weave and intersect from piece to piece. We Will Go Far centres on teenagers living in the countryside experiencing their first amorous adventures- dreaming of escaping and striking out on their own-and for whom a scooter provides the path to freedom and independence. Unpredictable imagery, fragments of texts and sounds disrupt expectations and trigger new sensations.

Mutiny - Is This What You Were Born For? Part 3
by Abigail Child
16mm/ USA/ 1989/ 10 min.

Mutiny employs a panoply of expression, gesture, and repeated movement. Its central images are of women: at home, on the street, at the workplace, at school, talking, singing, jumping on trampolines, playing the violin. The syntax of the film reflects the possibilities and limitations of speech, while “politically, physically, and realistically” flirting with the language of opposition.

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