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Displaced is a radiating if somewhat awkward silent 16mm film by William English (UK, 2000, 13 min). In it, we view several sites and situations that don’t have any apparent relationship to each other, but turn out to have a strong coherence as a whole.
Followed by Nova Dubai by Gustavo Vinagre (Brazil, 2014, 50 min), a film that's set in a middle-class suburb of São Paulo. A group of friends use the building site for a monumental new housing project to fuck around and contemplate the construction of dreams, relationships, and gated communities.
It’s a stunningly sharp and candid film about (re)claiming territories and using sex as a weapon to fight a perverted real-estate system that threatens to take over physical and affective space.

Wednesday 7 October 8.15 pm
tickets @ WORM