by Romeo Grünfelder
Germany, 2018, 2”
A captivating short in the form of a promise, unrevealed.

Ein Wunder / A Miracle
by Stanislaw Mucha
Germany, 2000, 10”
An attempt to film an otherworldly miracle in a small town in the east of Poland. You have to believe it to see it.

32 + 4
by Chan Hau Chun
China, 2014, 32”
The director spent her childhood living apart from her family and knowing very little about its history. In this film, which won the main prize of the Oberhausen festival in 2015, she boldly faces her parents with her camera in a search for answers about her past.

Vertières I, II, III
by Louise Botkay
Brazil/Haiti, 2014, 10"
An intimate 16mm essay, filmed in Vertières, a city block at Cap-Haïtien. Here, in 1803, the big battle took place that ended in the expulsion of Napoleon’s army from the island. Haiti then became the first country in the world to win its independence from colonial powers.

by Nina Yuen
USA, 2014, 11:30”
The artist asks her father to name all the people he knows who have died. She pairs each name with a branch, a seed or a flower that has fallen to the street in a rainstorm. The names describe the history of immigration to Hawaii that brought Yuen's ancestors to the islands. The plants are also migrants: they came to Hawaii in the jet stream, a high elevation wind corridor that carries species over the oceans for thousands of miles.

Dame 2
by Kathryn Elkin
United Kingdom, 2016, 10:30”
A musical re-enactment of an infamous interview by Michael Parkinson with Helen Mirren from 1975. The work explores the notion of improvisation and power-balance within the recorded-as-live TV format, and re-cites/recites this particular interview, which is so often referenced as an example of historic sexism.