Tim Leyendekker (1973) received an MFA from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. He lives and works in Rotterdam. In his artistic practice he explores  the boundaries of cinema as a narrative medium, working with fragmentary layers and personal obscurantism, often employing deconstructive strategies. His work has been shown in many major galleries and at festivals around the world such as IFFR, the Power Plant, VIDEOEX, Uniondocs, TIE, Centre Pompidou, EMAF, and WORM. So there you go.


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In my own words:

My main motive in becoming an artist was my dissatisfaction with the adequacies of the verbal as a tool for communication and personal expression. I guess I make films in order to search for truths that go beyond language and other social strategies.

Like every filmmaker, I record actions and places, and then re-contextualize the derived sounds and images by putting them in a specific order. My films always contain tangible traces of this process: I invite the spectator into my realm, but I don’t want anyone to drown in it.

As cinema has been developing into a system comparable to that of a language with its own signifiers and syntaxes, I feel challenged to question its paradigms and make its construction tangible. By doing so, I aim to (re)tell a story while simultaneously commenting on what it means to do so in this specific form.